Service by Industry

Automa's wealth of technical expertise in the field of closed cell foam moulding and product development has enabled the company to produce quality products that are economically viable and compare favourably with the best in the world. Below is a non-exhaustive list of the industries served with either bespoke solutions or Automa's moulded product range.



  • Structural & safety components
  • Packaging of automotive products

Building construction

  • Insulation of the building envelope
  • Building systems
  • Void formers & concrete formwork
  • Decorative products
  • Architectural facades
  • Cold storage facilities - supply of EPS & Polyphen sheets

Consumer and white goods protective packaging

Fishing Industry - insulated packaging for aqua culture


Patterns for ferrous & non ferrous castings

Food packaging

Leisure & coolers


  • Specialized packaging for nuclear medicines
  • Ampoule packs

Merchandising & shopfitting

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